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TrillerTV Brings New TV Apps


Enjoy exciting new features and UX improvements for an enhansed user experience!

New Features

The playback experience is completely redesigned to enhance the TV app experience with interactions and custom TV app controls. From play to pause to fast forward, and changing position on the video timeline, controlling playback is made easier than ever with a single tap of the remote.
New playback controls allow users to customize their viewing experience through in-stream language selection, video quality adjustments, and DVR functionality. Users can now switch between different languages during a multi-language broadcast with a click of a button and continue watching in their preferred language during playback.
Our event pages have also been upgraded to provide more information about the bouts and related fights, including fight cards with fighters statistics and event matchups. Users can also check out related content from the same promoter and watch related videos featuring the fighters on the fight card.

Simplified Discovery

The completely redesigned user interface makes for easier content discovery across our vast library of Pay Per Views and subscription offerings.
Football enthusiasts can easily access TrillerTV+ from the app main menu to enjoy our expanding collection of live football as part of our subscription offering. TrillerTV+ also includes a packed weekly combat sports schedule, serving as the home of BKFC, independent wrestling, and a diverse range of Boxing and MMA events.
The Discovery section offers seamless navigation through upcoming events and featured shows, while the Category section curates content by sports genre.
The newest addition to the TV apps interface is the TV section featuring our free linear channel powered by a wide variety of combat sports and entertainment, refreshed every week.

New Design

The apps feature a sleek and modern user experience powered by a fully custom design that enhances the visual appeal and user-friendliness of the platform. In-app navigation has been revamped to match the user experience of our highly popular mobile apps, optimizing content organization for improved discovery and relevance.