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Budo the Art of Killing


Behind the cycle of martial arts pictures, there is the incredible discipline, mystical philosophy and mind control of the real thing. This Arthur Davis feature is a powerful and amazing insight into Japanese history, point-of-view and vocation. The details of the timing of the various defense techniques is amazing; swordplay is subtle; and the use of sticks, farm tools and antique weapons is exhibited by expert practioners. The film even includes a sequence on the hand-crafting of the traditional Japanese sword. The impact of certain scenes stuns the viewer. This documentary shows off most Japanese martial arts, and many well known martial arts masters are featured, exhibiting Okinawa Kobudo, Karate, Iaido, Aikido, Sumo, Judo, Kendo, Naginata, and Samurai swordplay. The film takes place in Dojos and outdoors and shows off some of Japan's natural beauty very well. The film also covers some historical areas and a certain amount of the philosophy behind martial arts. What it shows best of all is the dedication and skill required to become skillful in any of these arts.