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FITE in Focus Shorts: Day 2 of 12 Days of FITE+


In the 2nd day of 12 Days of FITE+ Pro Wrestling NOAH presents Destination 2021: Return to Budokan Hall in February 2021 which was first show NOAH would produce in the iconic venue in over ten years.

Tune in to our special shorts of FITE in Focus dedicated to the interesting facts about the event and special highlights.

Here are some of them:

- 4 Championships contested on this card action-packed card featuring NOAH's best young wrestlers taking on legends from the promotion's past.
- featuring the return of Japanese wrestling legend Keiji Mutoh, AKA the Great Muta to the spotlight. He would challenge five-time champion Go Shiozaki for the GHC Heavyweight Championship
- Mutoh would become the third wrestler to hold all three major Japanese world championships (NJPW, AJPW and NOAH) in the Main event.