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Matt Striker Interviews Jared Mees on Flattrack FITE Klub


Matt Striker is back again with another great interview.
This time is all about Flattrack FITE Klub, listen what the icon himself Jared Mees had to say!

Matt: What you understand what Flattrack FITE Klub is all about?
Jared: We are going to ride these ancient bultacos and I've never got the chance to ride a bultaco astro in my life. I'm really interested and excited.

Matt: Are you going to rely on your incredible world class skills?
Jared: I'm training a lot for a Flattrck FITE Klub. I'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Matt: What's special about this event?
Jared: Flattrack FITE Klub brings 4 of the baddest legends ever in this sport against top current guys. It's going to be an elimination brackets style racing format. 3 labs everybody race each other at least twice. Older Veterans against the new guys - let the best guy win!

Matt: Do you consider yourself as ambassador to this sport? How important is it to you to show well in on this event as a current standard in this great sport?
Jared: Anytime you put the helmet on your head you want to win. We are competitors, everybody on Tuesday night wants to win. When you are a champion you want to win everything!

Matt: You are known as a little bit of intimidator is that is gonna come out on June 9th and especially when there is the Round table the night before where the trash talks are coming out as well?
Jared: If I'm gonna win something on June 8th and 9th it's gonna be the trash-talking contest I'm really good at that.

Matt: Can you talk a little bit about the charity that you are going to ride for?
Jared: The charity that I'm going to ride is for the need of the riders who got injured during the racing.

Matt: In this current time it's important to be producing entertainment and content that's not lost in you or the rest of the riders is it?
Jared: No, with the whole COVID-19 thing, we were at the national state of emergency we haven't race any Flattracks. I had a couple of low racings but this it's going to be unique.

Matt: Where the fans can find you, on social media?
Jared: Yes, I'm really heavy on Instagram and Facebook. Follow me @jaredmeesracing

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