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The RCWR Show 12-7-2018 Episode 629


-Lee reacts to the news of Daredevil being cancelled.
-Lee doubled down and cancelled his Netflix subscription.
-Seriously people are upset with FRIENDS pulled from Netflix?
-Remembering George H.W Bush, our 41st President
-A difficult week for the Washington Redskins with injuries
-About Redskins signing Reuben Foster and the embarrassment it's caused.
-Redskins can sign an accused woman beater but not Colin Kapernick...Anyone else see a problem here?
-RAW takes another hit in the ratings this week
-There's no hope for Dean Ambrose, sorry fans...
-Rhyno retires from WWE thoughts
-Has Becky "THE MAN" Lynch run its coarse? Sure seems that way
-Carmella gets into it with not one but two fans on social media because they struck a nerve.
Xaiver Woods on Wrestling fans being Entitled Infants...

Selected Screenshots