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The RCWR Show: Episode 620


WWE RAW keypoints. Smackdown 1000 overall takeaway as Dave Bautista makes his triumph return foreshadowing a potential Wrestlemania matchup. Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes impresses Lee big time in performance versus Tom Brady and Patriots.

-Overall takeaway on ABC's The Connors Series Premiere and how they dealt with Roseanne Barr being written off the show. Will the show be as successful as its predecessor? 18 million viewers for premiere Roseanne episode versus 10 million for Connors premiere as Lee shares concerns of the show's future. Anyone remember THEREE'S A CROWD or ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE?

--Social media and political experts plead to WWE to hold off Crown Jewel event and future events after Washington Post journalist disappears and is believed to been murdered by Saudia Arabian government.

-IMPACT WRESTLING Bound For Glory 2018 Afterthoughts

-Lee reminds everyone how he spoke praises of Tessa Blanchard now that everyone's jumping the bandwagon.

-IMPACT WRESTLING moving 10pm to 12am on Thursdays this month. Why Lee feels it's a good move but cautions management to work on better strategies in promoting time change with more advance notice.

-Say goodbye to Austin Aries...For now...

-Will Ospreay to miss NJPW Road to Power Struggle due to injury

-Tammy Sytch aka Sunny seems to be going in a different direction with her life after Lee spoke candidly about her last week in what she should do next now that she's out of prison. Sunny finally seems to be growing up.

-Lee reminds everyone once again of how Kanye West reminds him of the late Donnie Hathaway and warns folks once again about the singer's mental health. Lee's unique perspective on Kanye versus Taylor Swift.

-Discussion on Top 5 Betrayals in WWE History as Bella Twins betraying Ronda Rousey outranks Stone Cold Steve Austin joining forces and Vince McMahon. Move over Mega Powers, Eddie Mysterio beyraying Rey Myserio or Larry Zybyszko turning on Bruno Sammartino LMAO.


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