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The story of Jamie Mooresy Moore


Filmed over a 3 day period and put together in career order, this is an hour long documentary on the former British and European Light middle weight champion Jamie Moore.

Continually learning within the field of 'Directing', Dale Hooker put together a small crew in order to capture his first high end documentary feature with zero budget, yet 100% heart.

( Jamie 'Mooresy' Moore, arguably one of the best British Boxers not to have fought for a world title, sadly had to leave his career behind in 2010 when the reality of his injuries became more apparent to himself and his family.

One year on, Jamie is still highly involved in the sport of boxing, and although never stepping foot in the ring became concrete on the day of his testimonial, his career can be relived once again in the form of his own documentary, The Fighters Fighter.

The story is one not to be missed as friends and family including nutrition guru Kerry Kayes and good friend Ricky Hatton, talk through Jamie's career in order to shed light on some of the most exciting, toe to toe wars ever to have happened inside a ring. )

Produced, Directed and Edited by Dale Hooker