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Tyson vs Jones Jr. - FAQ with SoCal Val


Cable and satellite TV are not required!
You DO need WiFi or an internet connection - we are a streaming service, like YouTube or Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime
No monthly subscription or long term commitment is required!
When you order an event on FITE PPV, all you pay for is the event
Watch the event live, or watch it later and via replays!
For example, the Tyson-Jones fight can be watched from the live date on Nov. 28th through Feb. 28th 2021
Enjoy the show on all your mobile, online and OTT devices!
Watch the event: online, phone, Smart TVs, OTT streaming boxes: Roku - Amazon Fire - Apple TV- PS - Xbox - Chromecast - Android TV
Order early - Easy to register and buy - once set up, your event page becomes a Countdown Clock that confirms your order. You can even set a Google reminder, plus we'll send you push notifications when it starts too.
Lots of FITE extras for Tyson vs. Jones Jr., presented by Triller - live on FITE Pay Per View:
DVR: let's you rewind and rewatch the show even when it's live
Alternate languages: English & Spanish - buy one and automatically get the other
Free shows on Friday: Live Media Day, Weigh-ins, Analyst Roundtable
Free show on Saturday: Live Prelims in the hour before the event starts

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