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Anomaly Grappling SuperFight
Josh Root vs Aaron Osborn
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On May 6th Anomaly Grappling SuperFight is coming live on FITE+ straight from Red Brick Gym in Searcy, AR. The fight card has well over 31 matches and you can check out all of the below:

Josh Root vs Aaron Osborn
Caleb Freeman vs Branden Puckett
Lawrence Blake vs Edward Gregory

Mateja Milosavljevic vs Hayden Anderson
Bradley Thomas vs Caleb Mills
Ryder Sisson vs Asher Urban

Ainsley Collins vs Sierra Keller
Tyler Berry vs Matt Easley
Gabe Mckay vs Hayden Anderson

Anthony Rogers vs Joel Holloway
Raenah Garbarini vs Victoria Simpson
Mason Collins vs Lucas Hoffmann

Nate Willcutt vs Steven Brown
Andrew Harrison vs Zac Arnold
Miracle Hatchett vs Jaci Brown

Terry Sisson vs Cash Jiles
Ava Barbarini vs Caitlin Fuller
Trevor Bevel vs Joshua Brannon

Scott Clause vs Joe Hale
Tijana Milosavljevic vs Skylar Isbell
Michael Maderazo vs Konlee Horton

Jaxson Vantine vs Wyatt Rogers
Corbin Green vs Elias Colón
Dextra Quevreaux vs Charlie Maraziti

Sophia Mederazo vs Rami Raines
Lillee Petty vs Karis Horton
Clay Larose vs Kolton Rogers

Reese Sachs vs Brooklyn Thompson
Tk. Kendrick vs Kaydin Kasden
Andi Maraziti vs Zola Branscum
Kyle Heep vs Landri Holloway

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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