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Best of Premier Championship Wrestling
Years 4 & 5
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


After a run that included the rise of several world-class talents, unforgettable moments, and matches never seen anywhere else, Premier Championship Wrestling said its official goodbyes in 2021. With that, also came the end of our home venue, historic Turners Hall, hosting pro wrestling, with 22 years of or sport's history within its walls. See the climax to the journey and the sights & sounds that ensured Premier's place in history forever!

Wardlow vs Andrew Palace

Wardlow vs Cisco Silver

Daniel Garcia vs Andrew Palace

Welterweight Rumble To Crown Final Welterweight Champion Featuring Trey Miguel, Brayden Lee, Ashton Day, Cisco Silver and more!

Premier Championshipс
Chris LeRusso vs Ron Mathis vs Atticus Cogar vs. Gory
"Amazing" N8 Mattson vs. "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross

To Crown The First Premier Women's Champion
Zoey Skye vs Katie Arquette

LDN Championship
Cole Karter vs Jason Hotch

Unsanctioned Match
Dylan Bostic vs Cisco Silver

To Crown The Final Premier Women's Champ
Ray Lyn vs Katie Arquette

Premier Championship
Atticus Cogar vs Sonny Vice

To Crown The Final Premier Champion
Ron Mathis vs Sonny Defarge vs Gory vs Sless Taylor

Premier Championship
Chris LeRusso vs Jackson Stone

Fashionista Streetfight
Calvin Couture vs Andrew Palace

Otis Cogar vs Jack Pollock

Facade w/Dani Mo vs Ron Mathis

Four-Way Match
Ace Perry vs Marion Fontaine vs Ron Mathis vs Andrew Palace

J-Rocc vs Sonny Defarge

Wardlow Comes Home
Ashton Day's "50th Anniversary Woodstock Concert"
RC Dupree's Eccentric Art Exhibit
Special "History of Premier" Video Package!

Poster and Selected Action

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