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Boss Art Championships
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


17. Denis Liebau vs Emil Markic
16. Juri De Sousa vs Sahin Selahattin
15. Hiwa Atai vs Besir Veseli
14. Ilania Perugini vs Monica Santos
13. Cinja Kiefer vs Nicole Niederkofler
12. Mohamed Elawil vs Madalin Mogos
11. Kashmir Mobariz vs Murad Abdo
10. Masa Risti vs Gianluca
9. Yuri Gentile vs Philip Stockli
8. Daniela Graf vs Leila Adab
7. Wadik Hell vs Rahim Miradjeddin
6. Dung Quang vs Manuel Peter
5. Tiffany Wieland vs Michelle Steiner
4. Paolo Cannito vs Elisas Musso
3. Fabian Reichen vs Patrick Cescatti
2. Laura Pileri vs Blerta Quni
1. Gabriel Macanu vs Gianni Mesko

Poster and Selected Action

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