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Lichtenfelser Fight Night
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


14. Hasan Kurnaz vs Thomas Hummer - K-1
13. Heidi Vuoma vs Nora Weeg - MMA
12. Jorden Job vs Tobias Rosenburg - Muay Thai
11. Liam Cook vs Jaoide Sidoni - MMA
10. Jake Osgood vs Janek Walch - Boxing
9. Daniel Buzan vs Khasan Becker - K-1
8. Daniel Park vs Martin Page - Grappling
7. Zakir Ayubi vs Alessio Vicari - Boxing
6. Viktor Stumm vs Adien Newbold - K-1
5. Lucas Manginot vs Alex Knaus - K-1
4. Robert Stewart vs Mjachdin Matajev - MMA
3. Adrian Wenzen vs Walid Mansoory - Boxing
2. Nick Beschnar vs Kevin Di Noja - K-1
1. Ellis Wood vs Nail Takase - Boxing

Poster and Selected Action

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