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Colosseum Tournament
Battle of Danubius Promotion
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Fight Card:

1. Nut Scar(Romania) Vs Alexandru Voicu (Romania) -70kg
2. Vlad Trif (Romania) Vs Marian Lapusneanu (Romania) -67kg
3. Stanislav Stîrba (Moldova) Vs Alin Pricopie (Romania) -72,5kg
4. Catalin Graure (Romania) Vs Alex Irimia (Romania) - 81kg
5. Dan Petcu (Romania) Vs Lucian Casoni (Romania) -77kg
6. Ciulea Gabriel (Romania) Vs Adrian Florea (Romania) -81kg
7. Vlad Hurduc (Romania) Vs Madalin Mogos (Romania) -86kg
8. Marinica Bejenaru (Romania) Vs Viorel Butnaru (Romania) - 91kg
9. Davide Longoni (Italy) Vs Danut Hurduc (Romania) -91kg
10. Yuri Gentile (Italy) Vs Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) -71kg
11. Dustin Stoltfuz (USA) Vs Sebastian Cozmanca (Romania) -95kg
12. Katerina Abdala (Greece) Vs Cristiana Mongol Stancu (Romania) - 65kg
13. Maxim Railean (Moldova) Vs Ionut Atodiresei (Romania) -65kg

Poster and Selected Action

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