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Colosseum Tournament
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


-71 kg: Florin Pirtea (Romania) vs Marian Dinu (Romania)
-72,5 kg: Alex Voicu (Romania) vs. Andrei Ostrovanu (Romania)
- 65 kg: Razvan Mustata (Romania) vs. Petrica Purcaru (Romania)
-86 kg: Alexandru Stan (Romania) vs. Madalin Mogos (Romania)
-77kg: Luca Migani (Italy) vs. Claudiu Badoi(Romania)
-86 kg: Vlad Hurduc (Romania) vs. Costin Mincu (Romania)
+95 kg: Remus Petrica (Romania) vs. Vali Petrut (Romania)
-75 kg: Mirel Dragan (Romania) vs. Florin Lambagiu (Romania)
-91 kg: Marinica Bajenaru (Romania) vs. Dan Hurduc (Romania)
-71 kg: Francesco Monduschi (Italy) vs. Cristian Milea (Romania)
-72.5 kg: Ivan Nacarri (Italy) vs. Amanssion Paraschiv (Romania)
+95 kg: Nicolai Garbuz (Moldova) vs. Sebastian Cozmnaca (Romania)
-91kg Mehmet Karakus (Turkey) vs. Bogdan Stoica (Romania)

Poster and Selected Action

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