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Contenders 25
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    Epic Studios 
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    Epic Studios, Norwich, United Kingdom
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* Available in the United States
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15 Ryan Dennis vs. Baruc Martin
14 Jujij Krivenko vs. Modestas Adrijauskas
13 Felix Klinkhammer vs. Stephan Gheorghe
12 Dom Barnard vs. Nathan Edwards
11 Carter Jay vs. Jakub Adamski
10 Dan Collins vs. Helton Lukeny
9 Rebecca Brough vs. Stacey Henderson
8 Nasa Habibi vs. Piotr Panczak
7 Deivydas Jaznas vs. Rafa Giersberg
6 Sergio Prata vs. Jack Irons
5 Stefano Catecoli vs. Phil Taylor
4 Morgan Hutcheon vs. Alex Andrews
3 TBC vs. Aaron Rolfe
2 TBC vs. Cameron Johnson
1 Mauricio Semedo vs. Jamie Gilson

Poster and Selected Action

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