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Contenders 24
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    Epic Studios 
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    Epic Studios, Norwich, United Kingdom
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14. Kim Thingghaugen vs Scott Buttars
13. Samir Bouamrane vs Jack Mezzetti
12. Konrad Jaskiewicz vs Baruc Martin
11. Danny Whitcombe vs Andris Kazoks
10. Cameron Dunningham vs Jake Catterall
9. Kasper Kozak vs Tariq Pell
8. Dawid Cecylian vs Alfie Fell
7. Alistair Bird vs Jo Lincoln
6. Jack Clancy vs Tom Purdy
5. Lewis Cresswell vs Danny Bryan
4. Pete Butler vs Mangirdas Kiklieruis
3. Ewelina Rolinska vs Jen Stoner
2. Joao Lopez vs Alex Andrews
1. Phil Taylor vs Zak Denton

Poster and Selected Action

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