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FITE In Focus
MotoCar FITE Klub 2.0
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Don't miss our special edition of FITE In Focus dedicated to MotoCar FITE Klub 2.0, which debuts on October 1st. Josh Shernoff hosts an in-depth conversation with Rob Buydos, Larry Pegram and Kristin Banks about the Motocar FITE Klub 2.0 event, available exclusively on FITE PPV.

Tune in to this FITE in Focus show and find out:
- What changes have been made from the inaugural MotoCar FITE Klub event to the new MotoCar FITE Klub 2.0
- How Larry Pegram is mentally prepared for this race, and for the different kind of speed
- Who will be the toughest competitors on the track
- What rivalries can we expect

All that and much, much more!

Tune in October 1st and learn more about MotoCar FITE Klub 2.0, right here on FITE!

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