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Fightbox KOK 52 in Riga
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King of Kings is back in the Latvian capital of Riga for the third time in 2017 for another
huge night of kickboxing and MMA.
-71 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Hubert Dylewski (Poland) vs. Richard Ziemanis (Latvia)
-78 kg, MMA Rules: Vitoldas Jagelo (Lithuania) vs. Arturs Leisans (Latvia)
-70 kg, MMA Rules: Aleksei Iljenko (Russia) vs. Robert Skuijnic (Latvia)
-71 kg, MMA Rules: Mantas Juozeliunas (Lithuania) vs. Aleksandr Chizhov (Latvia)
-85 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Kiril Len (Poland) vs. Jurij Orlov (Latvia)
-85 kg, Kickboxing Rules: Mike Sprangh (Holland) vs. Rafael De Souza (Brazil)

Poster and Selected Action

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