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KOK World GP 2017 in Moldova
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December 9th,The final show of the 2017, KOK 53 WGP in MOLDOVA
We will see new names, as well as all the beloved fighters.
The thriving star Apostol Victor will meet Denis Teleshman who still wants to demonstrate his mastership.
Constantin Rusu is one of the Moldovan public's favorites, successfully and brightly performing in the 77kg division, he will now enter the ring against the Belarusian Pavel Praveshinsky.
Alexander Burduja, successfull at the KOK 48, rushes again into the fight against the belorusian fighter Oleg Zablotskii.
Vitaly Matei feels ready to close the year with triumph and we'll see him in a spectacular duel.

Poster and Selected Action

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