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Fite In Focus Episode 2
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On this week's episode you'll see Interviews, Boxing, MMA, Pro Wrestling and Kickboxing action.
First up, heavyweights will clash in the boxing ring of Dekada Premier Fight Night!
Proven MMA fighters Lee Mein and Dwayne Lewis will lace up the gloves and try to outbox each other and show the crowd who's the better boxer.
After that, get ready for a FAST and INTENSE MMA match from ACB73.
Do not take your eyes off the screen, fireworks are in store!
Then, ESNEWS takes us into the world of Chris Algieri and famos trainer Brandon Kraus.
Interviews, training tips and tricks, all that and more, courtesy of ESNEWS.
After that we dive deep into the world of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.
NWA Champion and powerhouse Tim Storm faces fellow heavyweight and all-around tough guy KRATOS.
To end the episode, watch kicks fly in Dekada Premier Fight Night and this one of a kind Kickboxing bout!

Poster and Selected Action

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