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Gatoh Move Experience, Episode 6
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Coming from Tokyo, Japan - The Smallest Wrestling Company in The World presents to you The Gatoh Move Experience!

There's No Ring, No Ropes and No boundaries between the fans and the Wrestlers,
It's a wrestling Experience that you haven't had yet, please watch & Enjoy.

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The First Match

Emi Sakura VS Obihiro Sayaka

This match has a lot of history, they have been together since Obi Chan Debuted 10 years ago. But with too many injuries, Emi Sakura wants Obi to retire an Obi says it is not time yet. Watch this personal and Puroresu tension unfold in this match.

2nd Match

Mei Suruga VS Saki VS Baliyan Akki

This 3-way match is an interesting as Akki is good friends with both Mei and Saki. We'll see how this Unfolds and how the teams are formed and specially the betrayals.

Main Event

Konno Mitsuru & Sawadi Kamen "The Heros" VS Riho & Hagane Shinno

Our own heroes in Mitsuru and Sawadi takes on a last boss level opponent in Riho and Hagane. Will we see the dark side of these 2 Kind looking Monsters? Find out who's the hero and who has darkness in their heart in the battle of justice.

Poster and Selected Action

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