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Grachan 45
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Grachan 45 is on September 19th!

The contenders in Grachan Bantamweight Title Match are Ito Kuya and Shian. Ito Kuya is a young country boy from Nagano who knocked on the door of BRAVE for strength six consecutive wins from wardog cage fight to Grachan giving him the ticket to a title fight versus Shian. Shian overpowering Kaito Sakamaki, in his previous fight.

Grachan Lightweight 2x 5 min
Yutaka Ueda vs Naoyuki Kotani
Yutaka Ueda was defeated in last year's title fight but came back with Ippon. Naoyuki Kotani is a legendary fighter fighted in Pride and UFC. Who will lead the lightweight battle for the championship?

Grachan Lightweight 2x5 min
Kazushi Suzuki (3rd WARDOG Lightweight Champion) vs Atsushi Kishimoto
Suzuki bases his fighting skills on wrestling and Jujutsu and is Grachan to gain his next title -Grachan's lightweight champion. His opponent is Kishimoto who has been defeated by Yutaka Ueda in March but has risen from his defeat by strengthening his weaknesses.

Grachan Featherweight 2x5 minutes
Taku MAX (3rd WARDOG Featherweight Champion) vs Katsushi Kojima. It will be a battle between two aggressive fighters and it is sure that will rise the crowd

Grachan Welterweight 2x5 min
Koichiro Takekawa vs Takahiro Kawanaka
Kawanaka's biggest success came in 2010 when he won the Future King Tournament Middle weight division. Expectations were high when he turned pro in 2011 but due to long term injuries, he has not lived up to his potentials. Takekawa also have plans for title so both fighters hope to rise from this battle's victory.

Grachan Bantamweight 2x5min
Kento Takahashi vs Yutaka Imamura
Will Takahashi, the rising star claim victory or will be Imamura - the ever hardworking fighter?

Grachan Flyweight 2x5 min.
Ishituna Tetsuo vs Takumi Miyauchi
Which of the 2 fighters will claim their name and rise in the flyweight division?

Grachan Lightweight 2x5min
Aniki vs Kengo Fujimura
Japan's oldest fighter – the 52 years old Aniki will take on Kengo Fujimura - a 19 years old fighter. A battle with in a 33 years difference in the age! Will Aniki triumph as the great wall
or Fujimoto will jump over the wall and claim his victory?

*Japanese Commentary only
*fight card is subject to change

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