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Greatest Fights of All Time, Part 1
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Grachan is here on FITE and celebrates 12 years of GRACHAN with special videos with Greatest Fights of All Time. First part is on July 10th! The fight card has 8 great matches, you can see them below:

GRAND Welterweight Title Match 5 minutes, 3 rounds (1 extra round)
Takata Sakurai vs Lukku Dali

Yohei Sakamoto vs Takahiro Kawanaka
Lukku Dali vs Ryuki Kamiyama

GRACHAN MMA Flyweight Title Tournament Final: 5 min. 3 rounds
Hayato Suzuki vs Kirihito

Takuya Yamamoto vs Chusuke NOBE

Bantamweight Tournament Final, 5 min. 2 rounds
Takashi Tomoda vs Chiaki Wakana

Yuki Nakahara vs Hiroto Uesako
TOSHI vs Akito Hara

Poster and Selected Action

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