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Hard Knocks - The Rusty Brooks Memorial Show
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
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On June 26th Platinum Pro Wrestling presents Hard Knocks - The Rusty Brooks Memorial Show! Hosted by your Platinum Pro Commentary Team of Blake Chadwick and Vince Hannity.

The best way to pay Tribute to a South Florida Professional Wrestling Legend is with a 10 Bell Salute and 10 Action Packed Platinum Pro Matches! The event features 4 recent former WWE Superstars, a former MLW Star, and a former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion all combined together in an night with 5 titles on the line

Check the already announced lineup below:

PPW Doubles Division Championship
Cash & Flash (Mr. Wrestling III & Johnny Catering) vs The Awakening fka The Ascension (Big Kon & Vik)

Doubles Division Championship
The Abusement Park (Zack Monstar & Chuckle The Clown) vs Winners of Cash & Flash/The Awakening

Openweight Showcase
Boone The Gator King vs Aron Agony

Diamonds Division Showcase
Chelsea Durden vs Sahara Seven

Platinumweight Division Triple Threat Match
C.J. O'Doyle w/Fabulous Frank vs A.J. Jannazzo vs E.R.A. III

Platinumweight Showcase
Tokyo Monster Kahagas vs Soulman Alex G.

PPW Diamonds Division Championship
Hembra Kato vs Krissy Vaine

PPW Silverweight Championship - Triple Threat
Leo Knox vs M-Dogg Matt Cross vs Ricky Martinez

Rusty Brooks Memorial Battle Royal
Over the Top Rope Elimination - winner receives the PPW Platinumweight key to the City! A key in which the holder can use to unlock a Platinumweight Championship opportunity at any time he/she chooses for up to 1 year!

PPW Platinumweight Championship
MDK vs Redbeard formerly known as Rowan

PPW Starlight Championship - Triple Threat
Savannah Evans vs Kelsey Lynn vs Kelsey Raegan

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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