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Platimum Pro Wrestling
Summer Meltdown 2021
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On August 27th Platinum Pro Wrestling returns to FITE with Summer Meltdown 2021! The event features 10 matches with over 30 PPW Stars in Action!

Check out The Bullet Club's newest member as Chris Bey walks in as a Challenger and looks to leave Summer Meltdown as a Champion!

Top that off with the Doubles Division Championship Ladder Match Finale where scores will finally be settled between your champions The Abusement Park and The Perennial Powerhouse with the Championships literally hanging in the balance!

Icing on the cake with a 7 Woman Triple Threat style Gauntlet Match!

Check the full lineup below:

Match 1
Winner gets Silverweight Title Shot later in the night
Vinny Ramagucci vs Aron Agony

Match 2
Cash & Flash vs Midnight Tribe

Match 3
7 Woman Triple Threat Style Gauntlet Match
Natalia Markova, Angel Crush, Jodie Morton, Laur Carlson, Linda Carlson, Adena Steele, Chelsea Durden.

Rules: 3 Women start / Pinfall or Submission = Elimination / When one competitor is Eliminated another Competitor enters until all 7 Women have entered the Match. Once all 7 have entered the Winner will be the Last Woman Standing!

Match 4
Key vs Title
PPW Key to the City vs GWE Heavyweight Championship
Malik Bosede (key holder) vs Vandal Ortagun (GWE Champ)

Match 5
Platinumweight Fatal 4 Way Elimination
Chico Adams vs Samson vs Alex Chamberlain vs Boone The Gator King

Match 6
PPW Diamonds Division Championship
Hembra Kato (c) vs Eliza Haze

Match 7
PPW Silverweight Championship
Leo Knox (c) vs winner of Vinny Ramagucci/Aron Agony

Match 8
PPW Platinumweight Championship
MDK (c) vs Chris Bey

Match 9
PPW Starlight Championship
Kelsey Raegan (c) vs Alyx Sky

Match 10
Main event - Ladder Match
PPW Doubles Division Championship
The Abusement Park (c) vs DMC and Mystery Partner

The Summer Meltdown commentary team of JDawg Brooks and Jordan Owens.

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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