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We come here for magic. Allie Katch and Effy return to Oakland, as Dark Sheik looks to avenge the injury her partner Vipress suffered against Juice Lee, Grief Counselor Marco and Dr Von Eerie. With Vipress recovering from surgery, she turns to her clique; Thrussy Assemble.

The question lingers - Who pushed Brooke Havok? It's been weeks since the Emo Queen fell down that well that's backstage we all hang out around, and we're still wearing the sin like a shroud. Fear not! Pretend detextives and fellow EMOHEADS Brutal Rob Hands and D-Torch are on the case.

Cereal Man is just your average normal everyday alien pro wrestler trying to get by. But after giving birth to Cereal Baby last march, he's found a purpose: being a father. The only problem is that Dr Von Eerie took his baby away and dumped him in the system. Now he's gonna make it right again - for the first time. Coming to a ring near you this June [through like maybe August], it's Cereal Dad.

Plus Title defenses from:

Best Athlete in the East Bay Double Golden Fannypacks Award Champion - Kenny K
Captain and First Mate of the Champion Ship - Captain MYLO and Mighty Matey Mayra
GLAMpion - Viva Van

Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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