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Watch Hoodslam: R E S I S T airing on TrillerTV+! The full lineup is already stacked and you can check it below:

Stoner Bros vs MxM

GLAMpion Viva Van defends her title vs Ashton Starr

Dr Von Eerie and Grief Counselor Marco continue therapy, with Juice Lee providing his own version of a wellness check.

Captain MYLO and First Matey Mighty Mayra of the Champion Ship try to keep the tumultuous waves from crashing on their golden voyage.

Best Athlete in the Eastbay Golden Fannypacks Champion Kenny K defends against Rey Kaiju Joey Gonzo

In the investigation of Who Pushed Brooke Havok? Brutal Rob Hands and D-Torch follow their latest lead to the end and find themselves in the snakepit.

Cereal Man continues his quest to be a good Cereal Dad and get his Cereal Kid back.


Dark Sheik
Saraya Saber

Helen Campbell
Anton Voorhees
Richard Shhhnary

Brittany Wonder
Lara Frazier
Brooke Havok?!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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