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// u up?
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    Pro Wrestling
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    Continental Club, Oakland, CA, United States
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On August 4th Hoodslam: // u up? is live on FITE+ straight from Continental Club in Oakland, CA.

In the aftermath of the war with The Fallen, Hoodslam evolves old traditions and sails towards a new dawn. Though many were lost, the essence of team combat remains. All factions enter into 3 tournaments to determine 3 spots in a match at Hoodslam "Blue" on 8/18/23.

The first spot is decided by the annual Battle Royal of Supremacy. This WAS the sole decider of what wrestler would run Octobers FTF event for 13 years. The 14th will grant one spot at Hoodslam "Blue"

The HoodFighter Tournament determines the second spot. Single elimination bracket style, the winner[?] will reserve a spot at Hoodslam "Blue".

The third is a version of Lethal Lottery, [perhaps a betrayers ball]? Two teams of four will be randomly drawn. The team that wins will then split into teams of two. They will fight. The team that wins then faces each other in a singles match. The winner will earn a spot at Hoodslam "Blue".

At 8/18/23 Hoodslam "Blue", the 3 winners will face in a triple threat match. The winner earns the prize of booking rights for their faction at Octobers Hoodslam: FTF.

* if a factions wins all 3 events, the match is voided and they are awarded FTF.

** if a factions wins 2/3 events, they will be allowed the advantage in the triple threat


If they survive hoodslam until then, featuring performers from the factions of:

The Caution: Anton Voorhees, Dark Sheik & Vipress //
da Squaad: Kenny K, Hop Daddy, Alpha Zo //

Boom Gang: James C, Stoner Brothers, Trish Adora //
New Dawgz: Cereal Man, Johnny Gonzo, Marcelo Montoya //

Emo Heads: Brooke Havok, Brutal Emo Rob Hands, Alan Angels //
Lost Treasures: Matt Carlos, Joe Desoul, Lara Frazier //

also: Chupacabra, Okami, Juice Lee, M Y L O, Broseph Joe, Nuk Nuk Johnson

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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