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The American Scream
Official Replay

  • Bell Time
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  • Genres
    Pro Wrestling
  • Channel
  • Venue
    Continental Club, Oakland, CA, United States
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* Available in the United States
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On July 7th Hoodslam presents The American Scream live on FITE straight from Continental Club in Oakland, CA.

The survivors of the last incursion by The Fallen have little time to stop and smell the roses. The world keeps spinning, demands must be supplied. Desperate cries wail out and join in harmony with the American Scream.

The Hoodslammers had split into factions in efforts to find strength and comfort in numbers. While friendships have blossomed, so has opportunity for loss. Not a group stands that hasn't been affected by tragedy or been guilty of betrayal.

Madness looms like pollution on the skyline, the sunset more endearing through its distorted lens.

The American Scream sings a song and we all hum along.

The event features Eastbay Golden Fannypacks Championship where Allie Katch defends against Best Athlete.

Also in the lineup:

- current Intergalactic Tag Team Champions El Chupacabra and Juice Lee
- Hop Daddy and Kenny K of the Squaaad
- Emo Heads Brooke Havok, Alan Angels and Brutal Emo Rob
- The Caution [Anton Voorhees // DARK Sheik] and Vipress
- Jack of Cartwheel

... and more to announced soon!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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