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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 103
Official Replay

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Memphis Wrestling is heating up amidst the Cobra Cup action! But this week, "All Heart" Blake Christian is in the house!

Here's this week's line-up on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

Big Swole Justin Cole vs Ray Collins
Big Swole has been on a roll as of late! He looks to continue that streak, even though he will be outnumbered!

Blake Christian Issues Challenge
It is rumored that Blake Christian is set to have a conversation with Aaron Roberts and based off those results, there could be a fight.

Cobra Cup Round 1
Uncle Mikey vs Draco
It's round 1 action in Cobra Cup - is Draco ready for the task?
It's his in-ring debut against Uncle Mikey!

Unmatchable Strength
Barnabus the Leader allows Maurice the Strong to demonstrate his amazing feats of strength.

Cobra Cup Round 1
Big Trouble Ben Bishop vs Remarkable Ryan Rembrandt
Definitely a mismatch in size. But with Cobra Cup on the line, anything can happen!

After what James Smellsworth pulled, along with Matt Williams and Storybook Prince Gaston - we will hear from all 3 men!

Main Event featuring "All Heart" Blake Christian

And Remember
You never know what might happen on Memphis Wrestling!

Poster and Selected Action

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