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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 108
Official Replay

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Today, Memphis Wrestling gets Franchised! Shane Douglas is here - but Why?

Dustin Starr & Terrence Ward are set to call the action on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

Big Trouble
After what took place last week between The GunShow, K Toomer & Maurice the Strong, you better believe the show is starting off hot! Don't miss the aftermath of Super Bout 2!

Ellsworth Enterprise
This mess continues with Matt Williams and Storybook Prince Gaston.

Women's Division Match
Nyxx vs DDT Diana Taylor
As DDT continues to have her issues with Jimmy Blaylock, she set for 1 on 1 action against The Goddess of the Night - Nyxx!

Memphis Wrestling Gets Franchised
Shane Douglas is here in Memphis Wrestling! He will join Dustin Starr at the desk - but what's on his mind? Why is he here? Tune in to find out!

Problem Child
Aaron Roberts continues to be on a rampage in Memphis Wrestling. Not only is he in action, but we''ll also have to hear from him and Justin Case at the desk.

Main Event - Final Family Feud Match Uncle vs Uncle
Uncle Mikey vs Uncle Phil with Main Event Bradley
This is it - Finally. 1 on 1. Uncle vs Uncle. Who will win this family feud once and for all?

And Remember
You never know what might happen on Memphis Wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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