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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 145
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
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Buckle up and enjoy the ride - Memphis Wrestling is red hot again this week with 3 big Championship matches!

It's the fastest hour in pro wrestling - don't miss Memphis Wrestling!

Official Linenup:

Special Announcement
Rumor has it, Ray Ray Sanders has a special announcement to kick off the program. Don't miss this!

"Delicious" Van Viciouss vs Denzel Rollins
Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock leads Van Vicouss into action against the newcomer Denzel Rollins. Expect to hear from Jimmy Blaylock about the petition to ban him from Memphis Wrestling!

What's Next for Bos?
After recapturing the Memphis Wrestling Internet Championship, what's next for Tim Bosby??

Memphis Trios Tournament Finals
The Righteous Path vs Austin, Colton & Big Swole vs The Roberts Family Legacy
Triple Threat Trios action to determine our 2023 Memphis Trios Champions - who will earn the rings?

Tag Team Match
Big Nasty Phil & JWebb vs The Twins of Salem
This should be an interesting tag team match, to say the very least.

Memphis Heritage Championship Match
The Gunshow (c) vs Main Event Bradley
Main Event Bradley is getting an opportunity of a lifetime! Will he pull off the upset of the century? Boom!!

Who's #1 Contender?
That is the question everyone's asking after the Memphis Street Fight between Mike Anthony & K-Toomer. This story is bound to develop.

Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match
Derrick King & Ray Ray Sanders (c) vs Matt Williams & Storybook Prince Gaston with Nyxx

It's an all new Memphis Wrestling - the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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