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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 114
Official Replay

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Memphis Wrestling is hotter than ever & today someone is going home bald headed!

Dustin Starr & Terrence Ward are set to call the action on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

K Toomer vs Ryan Rembandt
The big mane has his sites set on the Memphis Heritage Championship. We are also scheduled to hear from K Toomer!

James Ellsworth is here
And not only has Ellsworth Enterprise with him... but he also has the new Memphis Wrestling Women's Champion Nyxx.

Aaron Roberts with Justin Case vs Mike Anthony
Aaron Roberts and Justin Case have been Fuming since Mike Anthony's surprise return and upset loss. Can they get even?

Best of The Best Challenge
Not only will Austin Lane be in action, but we'll get a word with him on his latest actions...

Main Event - Hair vs Hair match
Uncle Mikey vs Main Event Bradley with Uncle Phil
This one has been brewing for quite some time. After Main Event Bradley and Uncle Phil shaved Uncle Mikey's mustache - Mikey made the Ultime challenge. Hair vs Hair today on Memphis Wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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