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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 168
Big Mane Event
Official Replay

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This week on Memphis Wrestling, we have big mane vs big mane for the Memphis Heritage Championship!

Plus, the lineup is loaded!
It's the fastest hour in pro wrestling - We are Memphis Wrestling!

Official lineup:

Lumberjack Tag Team Grudge Match
Derrick King & Ray Ray Sanders vs La Hustlers
Every tag team in the division will be ringside to make sure these two teams settle the score once and for all! No running - it's time to put up or shut up!

Buff Bagwell Returns
We saw him backstage momentarily last week. But this week, Buff Daddy will be INSIDE the WrestleCenter at the desk!

All the Way Ray Collins vs Mike Anthony
Ray Collins has been hot as of late. And Mike Anthony... not so much. Will Mike Anthony break his losing streak against Ray Collins?

Michael Wants a Rematch
Michael wants a rematch with Van Viciouss and he's going to get it come hell or high water. What will happen when Michael calls out the Hollywood Clique, while King Cobra is away on special assignment?

Sycho Simon vs Brad Martin
Sycho Simon has been on an absolute tear. Literally, tearing up everything in his path. And today, he's back in action.

Main Event - Memphis Heritage Championship Match
K-Toomer (c) vs Maurice the Strong with The Circuz
It's big mane vs big mane in the Big Mane Event! Will The Circuz finally capture the Memphis Heritage Championship?

It's the fastest hour in pro wrestling - it's Memphis Wrestling on TrillerTV!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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