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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 118
Official Replay

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Memphis Wrestling goes Extreme again this week!

Dustin Starr & Terrence Ward are set to call the action alongside the voice of the Memphis Grizzlies, Pete Pranica!

It's the fastest hour in pro wrestling - it's Memphis Wrestling!

1 on 1 Grudge Match
Jimmy Blaylock vs Colton Cage
Colton says he has 1 more box to check... and that's getting his former manager Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock! Can Jimmy's big mouth get him out of this one?

Tag Team Match
Matt Williams & Storybook Prince Gaston vs Mackenzie Morgan & Big John Dalton
Nyxx will not only be ringside for this contest, but we are scheduled to hear from her as well. Cassandra Golden can't be too far behind, as she wants her team to Divide and Conquer.

That's the Business, Dawg!
Tim Grind & his son Lance will continue their tour through the WrestleCenter...

Tommy Dreamer is mad!
We will hear from The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer! And believe this - he isn't happy!

Challenge Match
Brother Bruce with Righteous Path vs Ray Collins
Ray Collins has to step up against all odds... his first obstacle is Brother Bruce.

Tables Match
K-Toomer vs Maurice the Strong with Barnabas the Leader
This one has been brewing for quite some time. Not only will this finally end. But it'll end with someone Going Thru A Table.

Problem Child
We are scheduled to hear from Aaron Roberts, Justin Case and the other men who were responsible for attacking Mike Anthony.

Main Event - Memphis Heritage Title Match
The Gunshow (c) vs Big Trouble Ben Bishop
Ben Bishop is so confident he can beat The GunShow, he's decided to Schedule his Cobra Cup Title opportunity, instead of using the element of surprise. Will we crown a NEW Memphis Heritage Champion?

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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