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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 169
Buff Returns to the Ring
Official Replay

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This week on Memphis Wrestling, history will be made when Buff Bagwell returns to the ring in our Main Event!

It's the fastest hour in pro wrestling - We are Memphis Wrestling!

Official lineup:

Triple Threat Internet Title Match
Aaron Roberts (c) with Justin Case vs Tim Bosby vs Zay Washington
Bos & Zay are both on the same page - anyone should be the Champion But Aaron Roberts! Will we finally crown a new Champion?

What's Wrong with Mike?
We check in with Mike Anthony regarding his major losing streak.

Denzel Rollins vs Main Event Bradley with Big Nasty Phil
Denzel looks to extend his success after defeating Mike Anthony a few weeks back. But it won't be easy with Bradley & Phil on the other side!

King Cobra Sends a Message
Just as we suspected, Match Maker King Cobra is not happy about the Hollywood Clique's attack on Michael. This week, King Cobra responds.

Women's Division Match
DDT Diana Taylor vs Just Jodie
DDT has been on a streak as of late, heading into a single match against new comer Just Jodie!

8 Man Tag Team Match
Too Kool 2 & Steele Cross vs Gio & Draco & Superstars od Seduction
This 8 Man Tag Team Match stems from the wild Lumberjack Tag Team Match from last week! This week, the fight continues!

Main Event - Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match
Lord Gaston & Sir Mattew vs Buff Bagwell & Big John Dalton
It's time to put up or shut up! Lord Gaston & Sir Matthew have agreed to this challenge match... But is Buff physically able to compete at a high level for the Tag Team Titles?

It's the fastest hour in pro wrestling - it's Memphis Wrestling!

*lineup subject to change


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