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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 137
Official Replay

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Memphis Wrestling has been hotter than ever! This week, not only is JTG in action - but there's a huge Fight brewing in our Main Event!

Anything can happen on the fastest hour in pro wrestling - it's Memphis Wrestling!

Official lineup:

Tag Team Challenge
JTG & All The Way Ray vs Main Event Bradley & Phil
JTG said it last week, he's here to go All The Way, yeah yeah!

Internet Title Chase Continues
We've heard from Tim Bosby & Mackenzie Morgan... and now, we'll hear from Austin & Nikki. This is going to be gooo-oood!

Hope is Dope
Memphis musician Hope Clayburn is in the house to celebrate the premiere of her new hit singles and music video "Nobody!"

Tag Team Match
K-Toomer & Mike Anthony vs Eric Fallen & Will Blackwell
Sho Nuff Nightmare could be one of the most dominant teams to ever forms in Memphis Wrestling!

King Cobra
What's going on with King Cobra? This week, we'll take another look at what Cobra is up to during the week.

Challenge Match
Big John Dalton vs Brother Bruce
Reverend Ash Taylor issued the challenge last week and BJD was happy to accept. Reverend sure has a strange way of recruiting for The Righteous Path...

The Gunshow & Mikey Prepare for Battle
And they'll be sitting down with JD Reager from Memphis Wrestling Plus to discuss their upcoming match!

Main Event - No Rules Grudge Match
The Posse vs Too Kool II
Tim & Flex are Back together and look to end the feud once and for all with The Posse! But don't forget about the wild card in all of this - Tim Grind's son Lance. What will The Posse have up their sleeve this time?

It's an all new Memphis Wresling - the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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