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Memphis Wrestling
Halloween Flashback 2021
Official Replay

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Flashback 2021: Just when you think it's safe... The Boogeyman and Crazzy Steve are here in Memphis Wrestling to kick off our Memphis Trios Championship Tournament!

Dustin Starr is ringside, along with the lovely Maria Starr.

All This and more!

Here's the card for today's program...

Memphis Trios Tag Tournament Match
The Gungoats vs Jay Smooth, Martin & Kross
The Memphis Heritage Champion teams with the Memphis Tag Team Champions to form a Super Team. Can Kross' men do the impossible?

Women's Division Match
"DDT" Diana Taylor vs Shalonce'
Shalonce' Royale makes her debut in Memphis Wrestling... but she has a tough task against the DDT!

Memphis Trios Tag Tournament Match
The Posse & Big Swole vs Colton Cage, Ryan Pyles & Van Viciouss
Another first round match on our quest to crown Memphis Trios Champions, this should be an entertaining - Yet Wild - contest!

Memphis Trios Tag Tournament Match
Derrick King, Danny B. Good & ??? vs The Skimahorns
#1 contenders for the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Titles have a 3rd man for their team but will not tell us until belltime. Who will it be? And will they be able to defeat the Skims?

Big Jack vs Carlos Alexander Rios
ACL surgery put Big Jack down for only 4 months. He is not human, folks. And he's back.

Main Event - Memphis Trios Tag Tournament Match
Hollywood Horror Show vs Boogeyman, Crazzy Steve, Ivan Warsaw
It's like Halloween all over again, as The Killer leads his team of madness into battle against Jimmy Blaylock's lunatics!

We will hear from The Best of the Best Austin Lane!

We will get the reaction from Memphis Heritage Champion Gunshow Brett Michaels.

If That Wasn't Enough
Rebel Kel and Heather Monroe are in the house today!

And Remember
Anything can happen on the Fastest Hour in Pro Wrestling.

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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