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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 147
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
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Memphis Wrestling isn't slowing down for the holiday season! In fact, we're expecting a World Class Maniac from IMPACT Wrestling - Eric Young!

It's the fastest hour in pro wrestling - we are Memphis Wrestling!

Official Lineup:

K-Toomer vs Jay Smooth
Jay Smooth makes his return to Memphis Wrestling - and he's against the Master of Fatjitsu!

Who's #1 Contender?
King Cobra will make a huge announcement regarding the #1 Contender for the Memphis Heritage Championship!

Tag Team Match
La Hustlers vs Roberts Family Legacy

After Barnabas the Producer guaranteed victory, LA Hustlers have their back against the wall as they are scheduled against the Roberts Family Legacy!

Tag Team Match
Mackenzie Morgan & Cassandra Golden vs Nyxx & Nixi XS
If you saw Memphis Wrestling last week, you probably expected this would happen! Women's Tag Team action is set!

Grudge Match
Big Swole vs Austin Mulitalo
Colton Cage seems to be stuck in the middle of an issue he created. This week, Big Swole & Austin Mulitalo will try to settle things like men, in order to perhaps get on the same page.

Main Event - Challenge Match
Eric Young vs Van Viciouss with Hollywood Clique
With the petition still floating around and being signed by everyone under the sun, Jimmy Blaylock is none-too-please! Will "The World Class Maniac" Eric Young be able to fight off the Hollywood Clique?

It's an all new Memphis Wrestling - the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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