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Memphis Wrestling, Episode 104
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Memphis Wrestling is bringing you the hottest action you can imagine & this week is no different!

Here's this week's line-up on the fastest hour in pro wrestling!

Cobra Cup Round 2
Jason Vain vs Big Trouble Ben Bishop
The Hollywood Clique has been on rocky ground lately. With Colton Cage quitting the group, Jimmy Blaylock needs to focus more on the match than the drama.

Colton Cage Speaks Out
He's quit the Hollywood Clique. And now, we'll hear from him for the first time since.

Tag Team Match
The Posse vs La Hustlers
The Posse are back, after sending a severe warning to Derrick King and Ray Sanders.

Maurice the Strong with Barnabus the Leader vs Bulletproof Bruce
Will the unmatched strength of Maurice the Strong be enough to take down Bulletproof Bruce?

Biggest Match Yet
We'll take a special look at K Toomer & The GunShow, as well as their path to the Super Bout.

Cobra Cup Round 2
Uncle Mikey vs Brother Red
1 more victory and we have our Finale for Cobra Cup. Will Uncle Mikey overcome family drama and secure a spot in the Finals of Cobra Cup - or will the Righteous Path prevail?

Main Event - Special Challenge Trios Match
James Ellsworth, Matt Williams & Storybook Prince Gaston vs Mackenzie Morgan, Cassandra Golden & Nyxx
James Ellsworth and his goons attempted to put Mackenzie Morgan out of action... For Good. But since they came up short, it's time to pay the price - 3 on 3!

And Remember
You never know what might happen on Memphis Wrestling!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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