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Men of War 5
Official Replay

  • Bell Time
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  • Channel
    Dead Serious MMA 
  • Venue
    Rahway Recreation Center, Rahway, NJ, United States
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* Available in the United States
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The main event of the night is the heavyweight No-Gi match:
27) Diego Rivera vs Corey Anderson

26) Frank Rosenthal vs Merlin Ramos 155lbs, BlackBelt, No-GI
25) Justin Lesko vs Stephen Meloa, 170lbs, BrownBelt, GI
24) Abi Pacinelli vs Felicia Rinier 135lbs, BrownBelt, GI
23) Seth Shifrin vs Randy Prause 160lbs, BlueBelt, No-GI
22) Sean Yadimarco vs Evilson Fernandes 180lbs, PurpleBelt, GI
21) Hunter Roberts vs Zack Edwards 175lbs,PurpleBelt, No-GI
20) Rob Best vs Daniel Hernandez 165lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
19) Cathryn Millares vs Miranda Yost 125lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
18) Andrew Valencia vs Kirk Breneman 155lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
17) Matt Dvorovy vs Jacob Degraw 150lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
16) Yara Helmy vs Erin Cruikshank 145lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
15) Carlos Branco vs Chazz Canas 150lbs, BlueBelt, GI
14) Sam Micale vs Tom Digirolamo 135lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
13) Shedrick Goodridge vs Steven Tongur 190lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
12) Zack Edwards vs Ross Richardson 175lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
11) Gustavo Texeira vs Brandon Cullen 170lbs, PurpleBelt, GI
10) Alex Nemth vs Edmir Sokoli 205lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
9) Facundo Martin vs Jesse Perciavalle 135lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
8) Felicia Rinier vs Suzanne Dibenidetto 135lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
7) Paul Barboille vs Carlito Medina 185lbs, PurpleBelt, No-GI
6) Jake Colalilo vs Chazz Canas 150lbs, BlueBelt, GI
5) Eliab Evangelista vs Jeremy Waite 155lbs, BlueBelt, No-GI
4) Frank Scamporino vs Brandon Bigelow 135lbs, BlueBelt, No-GI
3) Charlie Bruan vs Matt Buchan 160lbs, BlueBelt, No-GI
2) Ryan Hinkle vs Elliot Pocvos 95lbs, Kids, No-GI
1) Payton Hinkle vs Paige Weiss 70lbs, Kids, No-GI

Poster and Selected Action

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