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Azteca Lucha 2024
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Watch MLW: Azteca Lucha 2024 live on TrillerTV+ straight from Cicero Stadium in Chicago and witness the first-ever MLW x CMLL super event!

Two lucha promotes wage war as Cesar Duran makes a wager with Salina de la Renta: if her luchadores win the majority their matches, she will be granted Cesar's mysterious key, which holds great power. If Salina's Promociones Dorado luchadores lose, it could be the end for Salina!

Check the full lineup below:

MLW World Middleweight Championship
Místico (champion, representing Cesar Duran) vs Barbaro Cavernario (representing Promociones Dorado)

Matt Riddle vs Josh Bishop w/ Saint Laurent

Vacant MLW World Tag Team Championship
CozyMAX (Satoshi Kojima & Okumura) vs Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice)

Atlantis Jr. (representing Promociones Dorado) vs Último Guerrero (representing Cesar Duran)

MLW National Openweight Championship
Bad Dude Tito Escondido vs Rickey Shane Page

Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr., Jesus Rodriguez (representing Promociones Dorado) vs Felino, Virus & Villano III Jr. (representing Cesar Duran)

Star Jr. & Fuego (representing Promociones Dorado) vs Averno & Magnus (representing Cesar Duran)

Also featuring Contra Unit, Sami Callihan, Bill Alfonso, CMLL, Cesar Duran, Salina de la Renta and more!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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