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MLW Fusion #194
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays

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● National Openweight Championship: Rickey Shane Page vs AKIRA
● World Featherweight Championship: Janai Kai vs Delmi Exo vs Tiara James
● Kevin Blackwood vs TJ Crawford
Tony Deppen vs Nolo Kitano
● Battle Royal

MLW closes out an incredible season of Fusion with an action packed fight card with a big main event as the brotherhood of Carcosa battle it out for the first time ever!

Rickey Shane Page steps into the ring with the "Death Fighter" Akira. What happens when the Calling collide? It's an all out war for the National Openweight Championship.

After Bodies by Saint Laurent became pure bedlam, Jacob Fatu fires verbal bullets at his greatest rival... and the World Titan Federation's newest Superstar, Alex Hammerstone. Could The High Chief of the Hood be gunning for one last dance with the one man he's never beaten?

After all of the hype, what's left of huckster promoter Saint Laurent. Can "Filthy" Tom Lawlor put humpty dumpty back together after an explosive One-Shot? Also, get the scoop on WTF's newest acquisition as the "Fed" soaks up rarefied air.

Hot off of a classic double title clash, Promociones Dorado is in a festive mood. Salina de la Renta, Rocky Romero, Jesus Rodriguez and Janai Kai are ready to party but are they ready for a certain top ranked contender to step up?

Contender gridlock has triggered a 3-way World Featherweight Title Fight on Fusion! While former World Featherweight Champion Delmi Exo is guaranteed a rematch against the new champion, Janai Kai, Tiara James was been promised a title fight. Now all 3 will fight it out as Kai's gold hangs in the balance.

Kevin Blackwood returns to active competition to finally throw down with one of the culprits responsible for sidelining him, TJ Crawford.

The Second Gear Crew's newest member the masked Good Brother 3 has a special Christmas gift for 1 Called Manders. Plus, the SGC invoke "Freebird Rules" for their reign as the World Tag Team champions?

Coincidentally, the man many suspect to be the brains behind the assault on Blackwood also re-enters active competition as Tony Deppen, fresh off serving a month long suspension for the attack, rumbles with Nolo Kitano.

A who's who will enter the fray as the likes of the Bomaye Fight Club, the World Titan Federation, Second Gear and countless others throwdown in a battle royal!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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