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MLW Fusion #177
Official Replay

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"The Samoan Werewolf"


Hammerstone steps into an MLW ring for the first time in over a month in this week's main event of Fusion! The longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion makes his return to active competition in as the powerhouse rumbles with Danny Limelight. How will Hammer look in his first match in five years without a championship belt?

While Alex Kane has enjoyed a fast and furious ascension to being World Champion, Willie Mack has endured a lifelong struggle to the top. Now, the veteran readies to realize the dream: win the world title. As the clock ticks down to Fury Road live and exclusively on FITE+, the Mack is in the house to speak on the big mouthed Bomaye Fight Club captain.

Jacob Fatu is the streets and looking to lock in on Akira and Rickey Shane Page after The Calling's attack on Fatu's cousin Lance Anoa'i last week.

Hot summer fun... and romance? Love, Doug shoots his shot and gives "The International Popstar B3CCA a gift she'll never forget.

The Second Gear Crew and Microman drink light beer and raise some hell.

The 6th round of the 2023 MLW Open Draft hits exclusively on Fusion. Who will be drafted?

Los Macizos, Lucha Solos and the team of Fantastik & Rayo take to the air in three way tag bout!

Plus: New matches drop for Fury Road on FITE+ September 3.

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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