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MLW Fusion
Episode 64
Official Replay

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With just one week until MLW KINGS OF COLOSSEUM, tensions are high as CONTRA
Unit vows to disrupt and destroy Major League Wrestling.

Demanding a crack at the man who orchestrated the June 1 attack on Tom Lawlor, the
World Heavyweight Champion squares off against Josef Samael in the main event.

Did Lawlor make a strategic mistake?

The stakes are high as Tom battles the sadistic member
of CONTRA just days prior to his KINGS OF COLOSSEUM World
Heavyweight Championship showdown against Jacob Fatu.

Trained in various forms of combat, when Josef Samael steps into the ring for a fight, it
is best described as pure chaos.
Could Lawlor have fallen for a trap?
Will the mysterious megalomaniac soften up the champ for Fatu next week?

Not if Ross and Marshall Von Erich have anything to say about it!
The Von Erichs will be in the house as the boys vow to have the back of the World Champ.
The long - awaited return of Austin Aries is finally here.

The top - level Milwaukee
middleweight steps into the ring against Australia's top ranked wrestler Adam Brooks.

Will Aries start his campaign for championship gold or will Brooks prove to be the
breakout athlete of the summer in MLW? Tune in to find out!
The Dynasty check in from Richard Holliday's summer compound on Martha's Vineyard.

Now in possession of half of the World Tag Team titles, what will the elitists have to say
for themselves?
300 - pound Jacob Fatu readies for his first - ever world title fight with a tune - up match as
he battles TWO men!

Ol Mance Warner prepares for the 4th of July and the summer of the Southern Psychopath.
What does that mean for Promociones Dorado? Watch Fusion as the Bucks nort brawler kicks off a southern fried summer.

Plus: Salina de la Renta talks about the triumph of her recent show and much more!

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