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MLW Fusion
Episode 106
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The MLW AAA Super Series Continues as the summit south of the border enters week two with the Super Series tied 1-1.

The defiant and dangerous Team Filthy looks to ground and pound the high-flying AAA luchadores as they compete with Puma King and Xtreme Tigre. Will Team Filthy's Tom Lawlor and "The Bone Collector" Dominic Garrini try to not only get MLW a win but align themselves closer to a shot at their rivals and MLW World Tag Team Champions, the Von Erichs? Or will the world's finest feline luchadors purr and pounce Lawlor and Garrini? Tune in to find out!

Mance Warner is hot as a hornet about Alex Hammerstone interrupting Mancer's Super Series bout last week. The "Southern" Psychopath" promises to haul ass once south of the border back-to-weeks as he looks for a fight with the dynastic Phoenix powerhouse Alex Hammerstone.

In the second Super Series bout of the night, kickboxer/MMA fighter Douglas James rumbles with one of Mexico's legitimate tough guys in Averno. Known behind the scenes for hands of stone, Averno will have to try and keep up with the young, fast and furious "hybrid fighter" Douglas James. Which athlete will secure the all-important win for their league in the Super Series?

After the carnage caused in his hellfire debut, Pagano has sent in an unsettling message... and shocking challenge.

More participants in the Super Series will be revealed!

Davey Boy Smith Jr. gives an update on Brian Pillman Jr. while Injustice have a special statement of their own and birthday girl Alicia Atout has the scoop!

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and birthday girl Alicia Atout from Tijuana for a night of top ranked action.

Team Filthy vs Puma King & Xtreme Tigre
Douglas James vs Averno
Plus more!

Poster and Selected Action

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