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MLW Fusion
Episode 109
Official Replay

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•Los Parks vs Psycho Clown, Psicosis, and Niño Hamburguesa
•Plus much more!

The final week of the Super Series arrives with high stakes and national pride on the line as the historic MLW AAA summit comes to a close.

AAA sends in their heavy hitter Psycho Clown alongside a legend in Psicosis and a total wild card in the human cannonball Niño Hamburguesa. Are they ready to bring balance back to the Super Series as they battle MLW's Los Parks?

Los Parks made it clear they planned to dominate at the start of the Super Series and demanded that Psycho Clown put together a team to face the formidable family trio led by the legendary LA Park. Now two trios teams will collide in a quest for Super Series supremacy.

After months of rumors, negotiations and near confrontations, Davey Boy Smith Jr. will be in the house and demands CONTRA put up or shut up. Will World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu of CONTRA Unit put pen to paper? With threats of a "war" CONTRA vows their presence will be felt in some form as the Super Series comes to a close.

Ol Mance Warner has a challenge for the Dynasty that will shock the sport. What does the Bucksnort brawler have in mind for the Dynasty after their disgraceful actions last week?

Meanwhile, the Dynasty travel to Tennessee to hunt down the mythical "Meth-Gator"?

Plus! Pagano promises chaos while Alicia Atout will interview AAA co-founder Konnan about the Super Series and what's on the horizon and so much more.

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and Alicia Atout from Tijuana for a night of top ranked action.

Poster and Selected Action

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