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OVW Live #1213
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Things are heating up at OVW on the way to Thanksgiving Thunder!

Ca$hFlo has found out that he has a contract signing with Shera for a future championship match. What will happen when these two Kaiju are in the ring together?!

Shalonce Roya is looking to grace the OVW audience with an encore of her musical performance from last week, but will everything be pitch perfect?

Last week Jack Vaughn claimed he and Doug Basham were in cahoots all along and that this week he would bring proof! Were The Veteran and Basham working together all along?

Luke Kurtis is currently 1-0 in his Certified Open Challenge. Can he make it 2-0 this week?

Also, Hollyhood Haley J takes on Olivia Devine, Big Beef and Big Zo in action and so much more!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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