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OVW #1233
Tuesday Night Riot 2023
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Get the barricades, ready the shields, it's time for Tuesday Night Riot!

The halls of Davis Arena have become chaotic and this show will see all the unpredictability and hard-hitting action that you'd expect from an OVW riot!

The Outrunners are looking to keep spinning and winning but first they'll have to defeat the former champions Omar Amir and Luscious Lawrence! Adam Revolver seems confident going into this One Arm Tied Behind The Back Match against Cashflo, but does the "Proprietor of the Chop Shop" have something up his sleeve?

Tiffany Nieves is looking for revenge when she faces former best friend Leila Grey! Can "The Unstoppable Danger" stop the rage of the friend she stabbed in the back?

Shalonce Royal and Dream Girl Ellie have nearly torn Davis Arena apart trying to tear one another apart! They'll faceoff in singles action in what is guaranteed to be a hard hitting and devastating encounter!

Luke Kurtis has done everything he could to get into the mind of Blanco Loco including unmasking him on live TV and committing a gang mugging at Loco's hotel. Now the tables have turned and they'll face off in a Lucha Lumberjack Match where "Certified" will be forced to go one on one with "The Sultan of the Sky"!

A rematch 6 months in the making! Jack Vaughn will battle Matt Vine in a feud that's been boiling for some time. The last time they went one on one was at The Big One when "The Veteran" injured the shoulder of "The Instant Classic" and took him out of action for half a year! This could be a show stealer!

A rivalry turned blood feud, Tony Gunn is looking to send a message to The Faction when he takes on EC3. Can "The Arkansas Roughneck" take down "The Attraction" after what he did to Kal Herro? Or will Gunn become the next victim of this villainous group?

Ryan von Rockit is looking for the biggest win of his career when he challenges Jessie Godderz for the OVW National Heavyweight Championship! Can The Rockstar play the song of his life and make it to the top of the mountain or will Mr. PEC-tacular continue his iron fisted reign?

Poster and Selected Action

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