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OVW Live #1225
Tough Love
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This week OVW is celebrating the season of romance the only way we know how...with Tough Love!

After a challenge from "The Sultan of the Sky", we'll see Hyzaya accept and take on Blanco Loco in a Rush Division rematch! After weeks of mounting tension, Star Rider and Ryan Von Rockit face off one on one after "The Star of the Show" stole Von Rockit's beloved guitar!

Adam Revolver made an open challenge weeks ago and now Crixus is accepting and they will battle one on one! Hollywood Haley J has been at war with The Fallen and at Tough Love she looks to end it by exorcising the "Maiden of the Viscous Mist" Shawna Reed!

The Outrunners have found themselves embroiled in a feud with Bog Zo and Gnarls Garvin over the last month. Their battles have found them completely even at 2 wins a piece...until now. The teams will face off in a bout based on supremacy and it will be decided in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match!

CashFlo has waged a one man war against Godderz and his coalition as of late but at Tough Love, he's getting some backup! CashFlo and a mystery partner will take on EC3 and Mr. Pec-Tacular in a tag team main event. Can CashFlo and his partner halt the momentum of this new group...or is this the final hand grasping at their boots during a victory march?

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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